I need help, now what?
Read through all of our support questions to see if your question has already been answered. If it hasn't email support@terrafox.com or call 520-955-6300.

What are stream profiles and why are they being used now?
A Stream Profile is defined as a group of parameters related to image (video) streams. The stream profiles define the characteristics of video streams, used for live viewing, recordings or alarms. The parameters of the selected Stream Profile are those parameters that will be used when initiating the stream from the camera.

The parameters included in a Stream Profile are:

  • Resolution
  • Framer ate
  • Image overlay
  • Video codec

Stream profiles are being used to dramatically increase stability in cameras connected to the AVHS platform and reduce load put on the cameras.

My recordings don't work or have inconsistencies now that stream profiles are being used.
Try and delete all of your existing alarm or scheduled recordings and adding them back with stream profiles.

Do you have and iPhone or Android APP?
We work with EyeSpyFX: http://www.eyespyfx.com/vhs.php

Can I move my camera around from location to location?
Yes, for example, you could plug it in at your office, then at home, then at a friends house and then in your hotel in Hawaii. A few seconds after the camera boots up, your video should be online.

Do I need to configure anything on my router?
No. Your camera reaches out to the Terrafox servers, and because it calls us and we don't call it, you don't need to configure anything on your router. If your company uses an outbound firewall please see below.

What ports does the camera use to communicate with the AVHS servers?

  • 80 TCP
  • 443 TCP
  • 8080 TCP
  • 123 UDP
  • 3128 TCP (this is being phased out)

What ports does my computer or web browser use to communicate with the AVHS servers?

  • 80 TCP
  • 443 TCP
  • 554 UDP

Alarm and event recordings are not consistent, what should I do.
This can be caused by several things, one of them being a corrupt configuration in the camera. Try deleting all of the alarm and continuous recordings in the AVHS portal and factory resetting your camera. Once you have rejoined your camera to AVHS, add your alarm or continuous recordings back. This almost always fixes the problem. If not, make sure that you are running the latest firmware for your camera.

How do I factory reset my camera?
For Axis Fixed Network Cameras like the Axis M10 Series, P13 Series and P33 Series, check the video Factory default settings - Axis fixed network camera
In case you have an Axis Q6032-E watch: How to reset a Axis Q6032-E PTZ Dome camera

Please note that you will lose all settings, including IP address and password and need to re-enable AVHS.

How Do I enable AVHS?